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Inheritance, bank sales, foreclosures, divorce settlements, estate liquidations, job relocations, insolvency/ credit troubles, maintenance difficulties, etc.


Stop a Power of Sale

For anyone that has gone, or is currently going through this, we know what you’re feeling and are here to help.


Debt Solutions

When you have debt and are not earning enough to service this liability, interest payments can get out on control and you might find yourself overwhelmed by it all.



We all know that going through a divorce is hard enough by itself. Deciding on what to do with the home you shared with your ex can be even more difficult, and down right confusing.



Choosing to downsize is an excellent decision, especially when done for the right reasons. Seniors and empty nesters are the biggest trend setters in this category.


Estate Sale

Selling a house after the passing of a loved one is never easy. In a situation such as this, flexibility may be a big factor.


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About Us


Ryan Carr is a full time real estate investor from the Durham Region who specializes in
maximizing residential rent potential using his “vertical split” renovation technique.
His company, R.W. Carr Investments, has created a sustainable portfolio using this method, which has consistently outperformed traditional accessory apartments from conception. Ryan continues to innovate the industry with residential real estate purchases, coaching, new construction techniques, JV Partnerships, flipping and small scale development.

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Closing can mean a variety of things. If it’s a purchase or sale, that’s easy to define. If it’s about education, we’ve only just begun.

“Thank you!”

“This was the only sale we had had to make since we lived in our home for 43 years. Ryan was always very quick to respond to everything we asked and explained them in detail. The whole closing process went very smoothly. Certainly can recommend him highly.”

Muriel and Hector J.
“Proved to be the most helpful”

“This was the first time we had to sell, coupled with the complication of going through the splitting of finances. We came across the RW Carr Investment Co. website and saw the ‘Services’ section with ‘We Buy Houses Fast’. He proved to be the most helpful, efficient and professional in explaining, and carrying out the process. He was also supportive both before and after the sale.”

Jessica C.
“I can move on with confidence”

“Thank you for your service. It was satisfying to be treated professionally and courteously at all times by you after being treated like a second class citizen by creditors. I can move on with confidence.”

Private Client

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R.W. Carr Investment Co. delivers trusted real estate services in Whitby, Oshawa, and the nearby areas. Our company is built on
honesty, integrity, and making genuine connections with the people we help along the way. Our founder, Ryan Carr states that “Real estate isn’t about houses or renovations, it’s about people and the relationships within.” Patterning our business around this mindset allows us to always put people first in every real estate

Real Estate Services

We offer a wide range of different real estate services to our customers including real estate purchases, rent to own buyouts, second mortgages, downsizing house investments, bankruptcy houses for sale, and more. With our realtor services, you can finally have the peace of mind you need during every real estate transaction. We take care of every aspect of the real estate process seamlessly and efficiently.

We Buy Houses Fast

One of our most popular realtor services is our home buying service that allows you to have your house sold in days instead of months. With our convenient home buying service, you can avoid the inconvenience and wait of traditional home sales. Instead, you get the immediate payout you want and close the sale on your schedule.

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