Meet Your Investor

Ryan Carr is a full-time real estate investor from the Durham Region who specializes in maximising residential rent potential using his “vertical split” renovation technique. His company, R.W. Carr Investments, has created a sustainable portfolio using this method, which has consistently outperformed traditional accessory apartments from conception. Ryan continues to innovate the industry with residential real estate purchases, coaching, new construction techniques, JV Partnerships, flipping and small scale development.

As a prior auto mechanic and custom metal fabricator, his involvement with real estate began in 2012 with a rural bank-sale property, quickly followed by the first “fixer-upper” bungalow. Previous to the vertical split technique, this bungalow was converted to a legal basement apartment. The progression from these initial properties, and subsequent resale lead to the development of seed capital which propelled the concept of “vertical split” homes into the marketplace. As home values began to rise with Durham Region sought after as the next investor hot spot, the cash flow crunch became the main stream, which transformed the portfolio in 2 ways. The first being a solution to the problem, and the second being outside investor interest. His business now self-perpetuates, allowing time to facilitate new partner opportunities, mentorship programs, and speaking engagements. The purchasing of residential real estate has become a true passion, not just a business endeavour, with many successes to date.


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