For New and Experienced Investors

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re new to the investment real estate game, knowledge is power and mistakes are expensive. Through the use of our training programs, the risk mitigation and guiding advice will help get you going faster and with less headaches then trying to learn from television renovation shows. There are lots of training courses out there offering text book services and online programs, and for many that’s a great way to go. We offer a 1 on 1 training session geared specifically to your situation and your deals, with a no text book policy. Not everyone wants to flip houses, not everyone wants to buy and hold multi family buildings. We recognize that.

Also, If you’re a seasoned investor that has done a handful of deals and are looking to expand your portfolio into multiple doors, there are options here as well. Construction advice, market analysis, and industry contacts will help set your next project apart from the crowd.

For Realtors

The consulting packages offered here relate directly to realtors with residential investor clients, new or experienced. If your client is looking to do a flip, purchase a multi unit income property, rent to own, 2 unit conversion (basement apartment), or a vertical split, utilising the training of a seasoned real estate investors that’s actually done these things might be a great use of resources.

Past services include brokerage seminars on a specific subject, phone or in-person consultation for that tough-to-close client, new investor goal setting, financial literacy training, return on investment calculations, cash flow budgeting, mortgage refinance assistance, and on site construction budgeting. Since the landscape is ever changing in the investment world, should something specific come to mind, please reach out, we can surely accommodate.




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