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Selling A Home?

Inheritance, bank sales, foreclosures, divorce settlements, estate liquidations, job relocations, insolvency/ credit troubles, maintenance difficulties, bad tenants, bad landlords, leaky basements, mold, etc

A Simple Analogy On Selling A Property, Privately

A common misconception is that home owners must use real estate professionals to buy or sell property.  As a simple analogy, let’s compare the traditional home sales methods to Google search engines.  Google is the largest and most common search engine worldwide.  It’s the go-to for almost everyone because it has the most branding, the biggest market presence and the widest reach.  There are numerous other search engines out there, like Bing, Yahoo or StartPage, however they aren’t as popular, although equally effective.

In comparison, using traditional real estate brokerages to sell homes are the most familiar because of the same reasons above, but not the most flexibility.  This type of transaction is geared towards someone looking for an outside of the box approach to selling their real estate. The motivating factor may be needing a quick closing date, or a rent-back option, or secondary financing, a long closing date, privacy from family or neighbours, not wanting to pay commissions, not wanting showings due to health concerns or property damage, downsizing seniors moving to new accommodations, hassle free job relocation, overwhelming repairs, etc.

The key here, is options.

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Q & A

We’ll ask you a few basic questions regarding the property. No need to worry, your information won’t be shared with anyone and is kept private and completely confidential. Using the details you provide, we will get a good general sense of what’s up with your situation and how we can help solve it.


Book A Showing

If you decide to proceed from step one, we’ll figure out the first available time to come and check out your home. This showing is a basic walk through tour of the property, and is also a chance to let us know any specifics that we should be aware of. If you want quick, you found it.



We’ll provide you an unsigned written offer on legal paperwork for your lawyer to review. If you don’t have a lawyer, we can give you the names of several firms in your geographic area based on an un-biased google search. #1 Rule, you’re lawyer should be looking after your best interest, and in order to do this, nobody signs anything until they have had a chance to read the contract. We buy/ sell houses often, and there’s a good chance that you probably don’t. This methodology is to protect you.



Collectively, we will work together to make sure you lawyer gets all the information they need to close the sale of your property to us. On closing day, you get paid, And we’re done.