Let R.W. Carr Investments Buy Your Clarington House

We’ll Purchase Your House
with Real Cash within a few Days

We buy houses from homeowners who are grappling with:
  • Job relocation
  • Overwhelming maintenance and repair
  • Difficulties in servicing mortgages
  • Divorce settlements
  • Difficulties in paying rent
  • Stubborn landlords
  • Not wanting to showcase your house due to health concerns.
  • Stubborn tenants


Fill out this form and we will
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much your home is worth.

An Analogy To Help You Understand Private Selling

While selling your property through real estate professionals
comes with its benefits, it is not the only option especially for homeowners in
situations that call for quick selling. Some individuals prefer to sell their
houses privately to reputable investment companies such as R.W. Carr. Investments.

Although Google is the most renowned search engine in the world, it is misleading to say that it is the only flexible and useful search engines. There are other numerous search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, and although they are not as popular as Google, they are equally valid. Just like Google, traditional real estate brokerage is the most popular avenue to sell
your property. However, this doesn’t mean that private selling is not equally
effective. It is a practical approach that promises a quick sale, fewer bottlenecks, and fewer requirements.

If you are a homeowner who doesn’t have plenty of time

If you are a homeowner who doesn’t have plenty of time to list your Clarington house with realtors, you can be sure that R.W. Carr Investments will buy your property within the shortest time possible and offer the much-deserved flexibility. Our company not only allows you to avoid realtor’s commissions but also requires less work on your side. Don’t break the bank trying to fix the roof, clear molds or replace the floor in your house to sell it, contact R.W. Carr Investments and let us buy your home as it is.





When you decide that you want to sell your property, the first step is to fill out the form provided on the R.W. Carr Investments
website. You are required to submit
factual personal information including your name, phone number and where your
property is located in Clarington.



Once our representatives receive your information, they will send a confirmation message and schedule a one-on one meeting.



Our representatives will meet with you and do an evaluation of the house. They will give you a free estimate and try to agree on the value of your home.



Lastly, we will conclude the process by paying you the amount
we agreed upon. Renovations and makeovers will commence giving the house a new look.