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Planning to sell your home on the MLS?

If you’ve been through the information here, and you’re looking to sell your home on the MLS in the traditional manner, we can help with that.  Selling on the MLS will get you the most exposure to the market of home buyers and likely the highest selling price.  These services come at a cost (Commissions), and in order to get that maximum value, may require home staging, maintenance/ updating, renovations, professional photography, showings, advertising and open houses. 

We are not real estate agents, and can absolutely put you in touch with good ones.

Traditional and Innovative Marketing

Realtors recognize the need to be innovative when it comes to marketing your home, and they also acknowledge the efficiency of traditional marketing methods. Upon listing your home, a realtor would have it placed in the MLS database. That means your property information can be accessed by other local agents immediately.

Why list on the MLS?

Generally speaking someone who lists on the MLS with a realtor doesn’t have the encumbrances of timelines or external forces to consider when selling the property.  Let’s call a spade a spade, and be upfront that there are many fantastic realtors out there.  It’s just the truth.  As you already know, there are other homes for sale in your area that me be competing with yours.  A realtor can help you price the property competitively so it attracts buyers you will also approve of.

Real estate brokerages have been around for 100’s of years and are the fundamental backbone for many people to selling their home.  If the tried and true is most comfortable for you, this is the way to go.

Do I Still Need A Lawyer If I use Realtor?

For sure.  Lawyers are a key piece of the transaction for all parties involved, real estate agent or not.  Think of a real estate agent as the buffer between you and the buyer, while the lawyers are those who do all of the background work on your legal behalf.  A good real estate lawyer is someone that you will need to rely on for closing day to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.  Title searches, handling mortgage funds, discharging and registering deeds, and drafting legal documentation is critical in this regard.

The Right Pricing

As you already know, there are other homes for sale in your area that may be competing with yours. We can help you price your property competitively so it can attract buyers that you will also approve of.

We are here for you always. That means you can reach us anytime you need to discuss something regarding the sale of your home. We value and respect your wishes, opinions, and any other ideas you might have.

You can set aside your apprehensions about selling your home because you don’t know how to start or you don’t have any idea about your home’s value. R.W. Carr Investment Co. can help you navigate through the sometimes overwhelming home selling process.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how we’ll proceed.



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