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Real Estate Investing Basics for Novices Part I

When you are investing in real estate, your goal is to put out money to work and let it increase so you’ll have more money in the future. The return that you get on your investments should be able to cover the risk, the taxes, and of course, all the costs of owning your real […]

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Easy DIY Cosmetic Fixes for Your Home

Whether you’re prepping your home for a sale or you want to give the old house you just bought a makeover, DIY knowledge is always welcome. After all, not everyone can shell out for cosmetic fixes for their home! And if you can do some of them yourself, then that’s so much better, right? Entrance […]

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Employee vs. Subcontractor– What’s the Difference?

In any given industry, business owners always need people to assist them in accomplishing their company’s operations. Your terms regarding your relationship with the people that you hire will help you determine whether they are your employees who are associated with your business in many ways or your subcontractors who are operators who are independently […]

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build vs buy

Buy or Build a House – Which is Cheaper?

So you finally decided that you are ready to put down roots. Now you are just wondering – would it be cheaper to buy a house or to build one? Unless you have access to an unlimited source of cash, you are going to want to weigh the pros and cons of new and old […]

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home buying trends

Home Buying Trends to Watch Out for This 2018

If there are two topics that are always of interest to Canadians, that would be the weather and the real estate market. If we are not discussing impending blizzards, we’re talking about home prices. What’s driving the market? Do you think the mortgage rates will rise anytime soon? What we love about real estate talk […]

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Vertical Split Investment Tour Jan 1

On Saturday January 14th @ 12pm, and Sunday January 15th @ 12pm, the RW Carr Investment Co is hosting an investor tour for those curious about the Vertical Split.  We will cover how it works, why it works, and how you can build one too!  The invite to this under-construction property goes to those just starting out, as well […]

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Detached Garage, Framing Day1

Day 1 of the detached 2 car garage framing.  So pumped!

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Grey Cup 2016!

Sitting in the nose bleeds for Gray Cup in Toronto!

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Cigar Labels Are Finally Here!

Check out the new cigar labels, I love this stuff..!  

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Wholesale deals, and the win-win.

There are some who feel wholesale deals rip people off, or cheat homeowners out of what could have been.  If that’s true.. read the photo.  100% True story!

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