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real estate investment mistakes

Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Whether you purchase and flip homes, rent them, or invest for the sake of building your portfolio, real estate investing is an exciting space. It’s also a risky one, though, and investors are made or broken by how well they avoid these common investing mistakes: 1. Not Having a Plan Real estate investing is not […]

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Why It’s Important to Get out of Debt

Accumulating debt is a lot easier than paying it off. However, finding ways to get out of debt is important for a variety of reasons. A few of those are listed below.   Financial Security Knowing that you’re always going to have bills to pay means that you are never secure in your finances. You’ll have […]

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Benefits of Downsizing

Having a large home could be a sign that you’re financially secure. Maybe you needed the space for your family, but they’ve moved out and now it’s just you and your spouse. The reasons for having a large house are your own, but there are benefits to downsizing. Even if your family hasn’t moved out, you […]

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What Is a Second Mortgage?

If you already have a mortgage on a piece of property and take out an additional loan on that same property, then you have a second mortgage. A second mortgage is generally taken out with a lender that is different than the one who gave you the first mortgage. For them, this venture can be […]

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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

When most people hear the word “investment,” the may cringe a little. With that term comes visions of risks and losing money to bad decisions and bottoms falling out of businesses. While there will always be risks when it comes to investing, there are some benefits to investing in real estate. Before getting into any […]

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