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Home Design Trends that are Big This Year

Four months into 2018 and we are already seeing homes being updated, reflecting this year’s biggest design trends.

If you are looking to give your home or your investment property an overhaul, or you just want to give it a few updates, you will not go wrong with these trends:

Maximalist Love

The last couple of years brought minimalism to the forefront of home design trends. But this year, minimalist living takes a back seat. What’s back is the maximalist trend that was big during the ‘80s. That means we’re seeing mixed patterns and finishes, more pieces of furniture and accessories, bolder-colours, richer textures – elements that can give a purposeful over-decorated appeal.

Seriously Cerused Wood Finish

Cerusing is a technique that has been developed many centuries ago. It makes use of white pigment to fill in the grain lines of wood, showcasing its unique design. Cerused finishes give such an interesting texture that is simply fresh and natural. Because no two pieces of wood have exactly the same grain line pattern, you can be sure that what you have is not something that can be found elsewhere. The effect of cerused wood finish can be dramatic or soft depending on the stain used on your furniture.

Vibrant Jewel Tones and Saturated Hues

Just like minimalism, neutral tones are giving way to their bolder and louder siblings. Perhaps designers are taking this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, which is Ultraviolet, to home interiors. Other vivid shades are also gaining popularity. Jewel tones that include emerald green and rich purple amethyst are the most popular choices for accessories.

Fun Floral

Far from the country chic floral styles that are soft and dainty, this year’s blooms are far from delicate. What’s in our over-sized floral prints of peonies, lilacs, and roses on curtains and sheets, as well as large-scale wall art with abstract floral designs.

Art-Deco Attack

The old glamour that is Art-Deco is once again favoured in both homes and commercial spaces. Whether it’s in the architectural elements like bronze-framed windows and exotic materials to design concepts that include shiny, vintage light fixtures and geometric print fabrics, no one can deny that this popular design trend from way back is, indeed, back.